Sunday, June 19, 2011

Fathers Day and Computer Issues

Happy Fathers Day!!

My daddy is a wonderful, genius, amazing father. He's always there for me whether it's to help me with my english homework or to let me rant about nothing and everything. He's always been there for advice or even just a hug. I love you dad!

On another note, I never actually did my 30 for 30 outfit yesterday. My friend had a themed birthday so once I finally got out of my sweat pants, I was wearing leapard print leggings and faux pink highlights. I'll post a pic tomorrow.

I did wear a remixed outfit today but my dad's fixing the computer (On fathers day!?!?! what is this!!!) so I can't really post anything until tomorrow. Same with my videos. I keep feeling so guilty for not posting anything today but there's always tomorrow. Anyway, I'm not even sure if the videos I took today will even turn out. I was kind of tired.

Now I'm just lying in bed and my jammies, seeing if I can manage to get anything out of the videos I took.

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