Tuesday, January 3, 2012

New Year, Same Old Plan

Happy New Year!! I know I'm a bit late but oh well. I'm a bit of a party pooper. I don't really feel like anything is different or exciting. The only change is that I have a new word of the year (I'm currently uploading a video about that!). I feel like things will really begin to change in April (or September depending on when I start Uni). Since this is my new years post I feel like I should talk a bit about my resolutions. Like I said, I'm uploading a video about my goals and word of the year but last night I set a couple more goals. These ones are more college related, as in I want to accomplish them before I go.

-I want to be able to run for at least 30 minutes. I've never really been able to run before but I've been exercising on my eliptical machine so when it warms up I'm going to try. I've always wanted to be able to run.

-I want to reach 5000 subscribers. I've said several times that I don't really care about the number but I always have to set goals or else I don't progress. I don't even know if this is possible but then again, I didn't think it was possible to reach 500 before my birthday. You never know if you don't try.

-I want to read at least 10 real books. I've always loved reading but I've always read the teeny-bopper books. I want to read REAL novels. I'm currently reading Lord of the Rings. I'm about half way done.

-I want to reach my goal weight of 125 pounds. I started off at around 143 at the end of the summer and before Christmas I was 136. Since I've added exercise I think I can do it. It's not just the weight I want to loose but I want to develop the right habits so I can stay healthy when I'm at university.

-I want to have enough money saved up for at least 3 semesters including housing and food. That way I already have a head start o the next year. Also, if I get a scholarship I'm going to start saving up for a car.

So yah, those are a couple extra goals I set for myself. I think they're pretty reasonable!

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  1. Hey. I joined weight watchers and have lost 30 pds, not sure how much you need to. you looked fine to me! be proud of who you are and have a healthy liftstyle, what you want to reach will happen! Cute blog!



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