Sunday, July 10, 2011

Day 10 and Other Things

Here is the last day of my 30 for 30. As in the last day I participated. I'm still going to do outfit posts. I haven't posted for a while because my photographer was camping. (Love ya Dad!)

I've never caught a fish before but at my work, you can go fishing. I promised my family I would catch us dinner but no one believed me. I spent nearly 4 hours outside trying to catch a fish but nothing. Finally some nice fly fishers pulled my boat over and taught me how to fly fish. It was only a couple minutes later that I caught this beauty! It's a 22inch rainbow trout. Pretty good for my first go, eh?

You can also go boating at the lake so on friday night, me and my friend Cassidy decided to go kayaking. Not a big deal right? Well, it was super cold and it had just rained so the lake was empty. In fact, it was super windy. The kayak kept almost tipping because of the wind. Me and Cass bundled up. My co-workers thought we were crazy but we had fun!

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