Saturday, July 16, 2011

Perfect One Piece - Casual and Dressy

I fell in love with this swimsuit the first moment I saw it in La Vie En Rose. I love the colour and the bow. I'm a huge sucker for bows! Even though I'm not getting it (It isn't flattering on my body type) I wanted to make a couple outfits to show that it's basically the perfect swim suit. Not only is it cute and modest for the beach but it's easy to go out after because it's easy to dress up!This first outfit it dressy. It's a shame to cover up the bow so instead of a dress, I picked out a cute knee length skirt from Forever21. Neutrals are perfect for this outfit because the swim suit itself is a pop of colour. I also chose a sheer black cardigan so there would be sleeves but it wouldn't cover the colour or the bow. Both the headband and the bracelet are kind of vintagey looking and the bow on the clutch pulls the entire outfit together. I've been wanting nude pumps so I had to use them to finish the outfit.
This outfit is super casual. Perfect for grabbing ice cream with some friends or going for a walk with your beau. I'm totally a hat person so a floppy hat is a must! The white eyelit lace skirt is waaay cute and modest at the same time. I really liked the orange cardigan because I feel like orange and blue are perfect beach colours. Finish it up with a printed beach bag and a pair of gold flips flops and you're good to go.
Maybe these outfits aren't your style but I seriously with I had them.

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  1. I have never been a fan of the one-piece swimsuit, but you may have just changed my mind. Thanks for sharing!


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